Types and Features of the Yacht Assent Boat

What’s the best time for selling?

There are certain times of year are better for selling than others,Guest Posting and will have a direct impact on both the price you can get for it, and how long it takes to sell. More people tend to be searching for a yacht at the beginning of boating season, and will frequently pay a bit more. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to sell your yacht outside of boating season, it may just take more time and effort and you may end up with a lower price than you’d hoped for.

Setting the Price

Many sellers going through the selling process unaided make the mistake of setting an unrealistic price that doesn’t reflect its true value, and then wonder why they yacht isn’t selling. Setting the right price initially will ensure a quick sale, and not leave you disappointed. To select the right price to sell at requires some market research. A yacht broker will do this for you, or if you have time can be done yourself. The age of the yacht, condition, and accessories all need to be taken into account, when comparing to other similar yachts for sale.

Good as New

If she’s starting to show her age after many happy years sailing, its time to treat her to a lick of paint, and have her looking like new with a wax and a polish.

It’s no good having your yacht looking good on the outside, but a mess on the inside – prospective buyers will want to look inside as well. Start by de-cluttering, and make sure everything is clean and in good working order. Selling a yacht is a bit like selling a home. That doesn’t mean to say you need to have the smell of bread baking or freshly made coffee wafting around, but you do need to keep it smelling fresh and odour free.

Good Engine Health

Prospective buyers will want to test everything onboard. Make sure the lights, radio, autopilot etc are all in good working order. Keep the engine room clean and get the engine serviced if it hasn’t been for a while.

Keep Documents

If work has been done to your yacht over the years, dig out those receipts. Keep all the receipts together and close to hand when showing a prospective buyer round. If you choose to go Yacht Hire Greece through a broker, keep these onboard so they have the information available if a prospective buyer has any questions.

Advertising your Yacht

If you are selling your yacht online, take lots of photos inside and out. Without good photos, you will struggle to sell it online. Pick the best ones for each area of the yacht. If photography’s not your thing, consider hiring a professional. A yacht broker would be more than happy to arrange this for you.

When you are writing a description for either your online or offline ad, make sure you include all the vital stats: Make, Model, Year, Length, Price. Any accessories purchased for your yacht are worth mentioning, to make it stand out from other similar yachts.
If you’re not a confident salesman, or simply don’t have the time, you might consider using a yacht broker to help sell your yacht. With expert knowledge, a broker can help you sell your yacht quickly and in a hassle free manner.